Team Experts

RenaldIr. Renaldo Moontri,MM Professional trainers and Consultants the BMD Street Consulting, He  has a background in Chemical Engineering education from Indonesia Institute of Technology (ITI) and Magister Management from State University of Jakarta, experienced in the world of industry and Management from more than 10 years in the various fields of Quality Management systems, Laboratory (GLP, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17043, Productivity, Design Engineering and Energy Management, Process Simulator, environment and safety.

He began his career as a Quality Control Group at Indonesia's largest pharmaceutical company, Rotating from Project Manager until  Operational Manager in human resource development and service System at company PT Bina Media Development and currently serves as Managing Director of PT BISA MANDIRI STARTEGI INVESTASI. As the Chairman of the company  he succeeded  in developing BMD Street Consulting becomes  recognized consulting company  by  most of industrial player both  in Government and private institutions throughout the country. By this time he and the Management of BMD Street Consulting are active developing Process Engineering TRAINING for the fresh Graduate degree in engineering which preparing the Young Engineering professionals in various industries, primarily in Oil and Gas and Petrochemical. As for the various project in which he was involved includes are: Design Engineering Process of Piping Gas Distribution in Subang-West Java, and Merak-Banten, Presentation for PT Pertamina Gas Jababeka West Java, Gap Analysis and technical guidance Laboratory Management System of PDAM  Samarinda, East Kalimantan Gap Analysis and technical guidance Laboratory Management System of Environmental Agency (BLH) Southeast Sulawesi, Technical Guidance Standard Operating Procedure of PT Kaltrabu Indah-Banjarmasin, Gap Analysis and technical guidance Laboratory Management System of PT Medifarma Indonesia.

Pa BasrulBasrul Yanwar, Bsc, Msc. Senior Consultant of BMD Street Consulting has an undergraduate Science background from Curtin Univ. of Technology Perth-Australia, began his career as the Spv at PT. TIFICO (1978), Head of  PPPTMGB Analytical Lab. "LEMIGAS" (1986), Head of Divison at biotechnology section of PPPTMGB field Processing "LEMIGAS" (2001), Development Product Manager at PT Jeska Energy Partners (2010) etc. Registered as Assessors in National Accreditation Commitee (KAN)  from 2002-present he also formulating Water RSNI team National Standardization Board (BSN) his Competence is laboratory management such as; ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17043, Good Laboratory Practices, Technic Sampling, Laboratory Safety and development competence of other laboratories), some companies he  helped cooperate for ISO 17025 accreditation are the lab Unit Lubrication Processing Surabaya (UPPS), Laboratory Technical Support PT. Chevron Duri and Minas, preparation Laboratory ofEnvironment, preparing all the documents and participating in international RTC proficiencytest parameters of the environment laboratory, Faculty of engineering laboratory of  the University of Pelita Harapan, RU VII Kasim, PT. Pertamina Inc, PT. WGI Jakarta and many more institutions. And his experience in providing Training such as;  PT. SMART Tbk, PT. HESS Indonesia, PT LEN Industry, Polytechnique/Poltek Samarinda, BARISTAND Banjarmasin, PT. Yuasa Battery Indonesia, PT. Indofood CBP Prosperous Successes, PT. Qualis Indonesia, PT. Nusantara Turbines and Propulsion, BALKES Central Java Province, PT Semen Tonasa, PT Cabot Indonesia, PT. Biofarma Persero, Agriculture Faculty of University Of Jember, Office Environment, Kab. Ketapang, PT Lautan Otsuka Chemical Cilegon,RSUD Surakarta City Hospital, PT.Yushiro Indonesia, PT Medifarma Laboratories Jababeka, PT. Pupuk Kaltim, Balai Besar Karantina, Tumbuhan Belawan-Medan, POLMAN Bandung, PT .Aetra Air Jakarta, PT Pupuk Kaltim Bontang, BBKP KALTIM, PDAM Cirta Segah - Berau Regengcy East Kalimantan, PDAM Berau,  PDAM Kutai Kertanegara, PDAM Tirta Kencana Samarinda, supervision and certification unit of Seed, Crops and Holtikultural of West Kalimantan Provinces and many more.

Bu HenyDr. Heny P suyuti Ssi, Msi. Her Educational background is a Bachelor of Chemical Sciences from Bogor agricultural University, continuing her Master of Science education at the Faculty of MATHEMATICS and NATURAL SCIENCES of the University of Indonesia and completed her Doctoral degree of agriculture in Bogor agricultural University (IPB). She joined BMD Street Consulting as a consultant and  also as  Trainer Development Specialist in Laboratory, technical calibration, material safety data sheets, laboratory safety, product certification and laboratory accreditation (ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17043 Good Laboratory Practices) and Environment (Ecolabeling), Her active role in standardizing laboratory and the environment were  often shownin her involvement in the discussion or important meetings that discuss about the application of the System such as: ISO 17025 Laboratory Standard and environment (Ecolabel), organized by the national accreditation Committee (BSN-KAN) and KLH (environment agency). Some institutions cooperated  such as: BP2KSI Jatiluhur, PT Medifarma Laboratories, Human Ecology- Faculty of IPB, PT.Gunung Garuda, PT. Gunung Raja Paksi, (higher Education directorate) DIKTI (ISO 17025 Training Experts of higher education), Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Indonesia, a Unit of the supervision and certification of seed Crops and Holtikultural province of West Kalimantan, PT Newmont, PT. Biofarma and many  more.

Pa UjangUjang Pramono, As the Senior Consultant of the BMD Street Consulting he has been recorded in the field of the management of the laboratory more than 20 years started his career. He started as a R&D Chemical Analyst in PT. Sinar Ancol and  as Senior Specialist Quality Control laboratory for  laboratory testing Oil and Petrochemical. With his background as a laboratory practitioner's experience as a consultant and Trainer has no doubt, many companies have already proven that he is the best man if he is  associated with the laboratory standardization system, including such as: PT. Holcim, PT Cakra Jawara, PT. Pertamina Cirebon, Trakindo Music Division, PT. Cibaliung resources, PT. Buma Coal Mine in Borneo, SOS Lab Jakarta, SOS Lab Balikpapan, SOS Lab Batu Hijau, SOS Lab Kuala Kencana, PT. Nusa Halmahera Mineral, Gold Mine Gosowong-Sulawesi, PT Biofarma, PT Lautan Otsuka Chemical Cilegon, PT. Suryaraya Rubberindo Industries, PT. 3M Indonesia, PT Len Indonesia, POLTEK Samarinda, PT Smart tbk, PT Hess Indonesia, BP2KSI,  Balai Veteriner Banjarbaru Kalimantan Selatan, PT Kwarsa Indah Murni and a lot more. His Competences mastered includes Laboratory Management System: GLP, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17043, validation Method, Laboratory Instruments related and other related Competencies.

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