Term of Services

(Important notes to read before register)

The lab candidate for proficiency test must read and understand this agreement before deciding to register as participant. All participant must agree with this term of services as become our client. This Term of Service is an integrated with the request form of proficiency test in separated pages.

A. Service description

As a service provider the BMD Laboratory, located in BMD Building Centre Jl Puspiptek Raya No.74B (Viktor) Serpong, South Tangerang  providing these services: Technical Guidance of Proficiency test performance, joint cooperation in doing the Proficiency test performance and Proficiency test program for public.

B. Terms of Condition

This Term of Services Agreement between BMD Laboratory and the participants from government institution, private sector and others in these program:

  1. Proficiency Test Program for Public organized by BMD Laboratory is an annual schedule that has been created and organized each month according to tentative agenda. With the implementation of the program could be provided if the minimum number of participants is 10 laboratory for assessment type of the Consensus Value and the minimum number of participants is 10 for laboratory assessment type of Reference Value. If number of participant laboratory is less in the program specified ischedules than it will be re-schedule shall be in the specified time, and the reschedule will be informed by email/phone at most 14 days (2 weeks) prior to implementation.
  2. Technical Guidance Program,  This program provide mentoring for a laboratory to conduct proficiency test (test appeal), later BMD Laboratory consultant team will help both in the preparation, technical, and reporting. This program were given from the the introduction stage of in the form of training and direct technical implementation in the lab. With the scope and parameters according to the needs of the laboratory as well as the participants who will take part are already specified or already planned (prepare) the laboratory.
  3. For Request a Program Proficiency test Implementation, whether you are one of the main managers of laboratories which are currently in need of a proficiency test program as a form to meet the requirements of standard laboratory quality control external controls..??  when you are reading our annual Schedule page and you do not get the proficiency test program as you need, or it  has not been scheduled, missed or not perform in the near future. Do not worry, we are ready to help you in doing the proficiency test based on your need. Please fill in the request form data that you can download directly on our website www.ujiprofisiensi.com, as well as the schedule for our annual scheme.

C. Registration and Administration

We are very excited to be a part of your lab activities, so that our existing system of standardization in the Proficiency test Program can be fulfilled as expected, please note the following things.


  1. To participate in the proficiency test program which we have held in public all the laboratory participants must fill out the REGISTRATION FORM complete with the signatures and seals in charge of the organization. The Form is sent by email to: [email protected] Cc: [email protected].
  2. For those of us who want the lab to open the new schedule in accordance with his needs, must fill out the REQUEST FORM complete with the signatures and seals in charge of the organization. The Form is sent by email to: [email protected] Cc: [email protected].
  3. For you who want to cooperate with us in conducting internal laboratory proficiency test in your program can be implemented, if there is already a work contract between the bond you with BMD Laboratory.  Please contact us for joint cooperation as soon as possible.


  1. If you have already submitted an application form to us, projected for the next Proficiency Test Program for public registration or Request a Proficiency test Program, After we make sure of the program suited with the agenda then you are required to make payment immediately to our company  account  for registration and the invoice bill will send by our financial section along with a letter of confirmation (participants’ Conform Letter) in the email.
  2. If the participation fee for the completion of the proficiency test program cannot be done  in accordance with our procedures due to administration the process in your  lab / organization or you need a prolong time,  and   i.e  if you still want to remain registered. the laboratory/company must send us letters of Guarantee  stating that the payment will be done at a certain time after the completion of the internal administration process in your lab completed.
  3. Our fees do not include taxes and shipping samples, please come at a time when technical meeting (for the socialization of schemes and the distribution of samples) in doing or if you wish us to send samples to your address then the cost of the courier is in your responsibilities.  And you should know that not all the samples can be send by courier due to requires special handling, of course we will inform you of this at the beginning so that you can prepare your technical operational laboratory participation in the proficiency test program that we have held.

D. Conditions and circumstances

To maximize the operational service and a smooth, of course we strongly emphasize comfort when you work with us, therefore please do not do the following things:

  1. When you are stayed outside of the venue for the proficiency test are kindly requested not to make transactions that are related to your business, such as ordering a ticket (plane, bus, train), lodging and other related purposes when we haven't sent out a conform letter and you have to make payment in accordance with the due date on the invoice stated.
  2. If you've ever been proficiency test program participants that we have held, not once in a times in the subsequent program opportunities which we will arrange your part directly transferring cost participation program proficiency who want to test the laboratory you are taking before receiving conform letter and invoice the Bill. Because if the agenda you mean not fulfilled, result in an amount of money that you transfer cannot be refunded and can only be used to pay for the cost of the participation of the laboratory test profisiensi you if you want to follow can be established at a later date.


Force majeure state of The Circumstances happened outside BMD power Laboratory, such as:

  • Proficiency test Program is cancelled or rescheduled due to natural disasters: Earthquake, flood, fire, transportation and other similar Incidents experienced by the team of experts on the program. And in this case the BMD Laboratory with good will and must approved by all parties issued a joint consensus policies related to disaster happened.
  • Implementation of proficiency test moved from the allocated place if the place designated were having catastrophe, such as: Earthquakes, floods, fires and other Events. And in this case the BMD Laboratory in good faith and will issue a joint consensus policies the policy associated with the disaster happened and must approved by all parties.

D. Sanctions and penalties

Sanctions or penalties, such as:

  1. If your lab has been officially registered as participants in our profisiensi test program and stated to cancel your participation then it is an obligation to inform us both in written and by phone to confirm  the cancellation officially to us 2 weeks prior to the implementation of the agenda. The cost has been paid cut at 25% for administration fee  and will return at most 2 weeks after we have received the official statement.
  2. For cancellation less than 2 weeks prior to implementation,we will cut 50% for administrative fee.
  3. For cancellation of participation less than 1 week before the execution then we  cut 75% for administrative fee.
  4. For cancellation of participation in the execution of the day the there is no cash return.
  5. a Reschedule proficiency test participation by the participants can be done at most 2 weeks prior to implementation by notifying, in written and by telephone officially by management of the company/institution/laboratory in charge upon us Indemnification will be borne 100% by BMD Laboratory if:
    • The cancellation of the proficiency test program partially by BMD Laboratory without a clear description and make no sense whereas the participants already have done technical operations such as for booking: booking a ticket (plane, bus, train), lodging and other services.
    • registration fees that you have paid will be refunded 100% uncut.

E. Closing

We would like to thank you, for believe in us and we were pleased collaborating with laboratory participants in the proficiency test. Make sure you have read this page and has understood it, If you have any doubt please contact us for further clarification.

South of Tangerang , 02 January 2014
On behalf of PT Bisa Mandiri Strategi Investasi


Ir. Renaldo Moontri MM

    (Managing Director)

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