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Existence BMD Street Group as provider  training and consulting services laboratory since 2007. Get a full appreciation from our customers until today. Currently we already serve more than 1000 organizations in various fields, come from: industry, government, education, hospitals, non-profit organizations and so on. This belief we respond by continuing to improve customer satisfaction and service. This is what raises our passion to develop more specific laboratory services. In the end we build our focus BMD Laboratory as providing services in the field of laboratory.

We provide services and continue to grow in the future in accordance with market needs. Until now we have provided services such as: training and consulting, proficiency testing (chemical, microbiology and calibration), laboratory calibration and testing, research and development, technology provider, trading for instruments and laboratory chemicals.

In this program the BMD Laboratory acts as Provider/ test proficiency/ Test Organizers for the purpose of laboratory services help developers to be able to meet the requirements of testing proficiency both to meet the requirements of accreditation as well as the terms. As for the programs we develop include:

Technical Guidance

This Program aims to provide mentoring for a laboratory to conduct testing of proficiency (comparative test), where later team consultant BMD Laboratory will help both in the preparation, technical, to reporting. This Program were  given in several stages of the introduction in the form of training and direct technical implementation of the lab. All the scope and sequence parameters according to the needs of the laboratory as well as the participants who will take part are already specified or already planned (prepare) by the laboratory.

Cooperation in Organizing the Test Program Proficiency (Test Appeal)

This Program is a program that provided by BMD Laboratory where this cooperation program in the BMD Street Consulting by the laboratory appointed legally through agreements. The program of cooperation to be in control of that, the laboratory conducting the test program ceded the entire proficiency to BMD Street Consulting to implement the Test Proficiency his laboratory with equipment (infrastructure) and the supporting resources provided by the laboratory, but from the technical side of the preparation, search for participants who want to come to, the implementation of reporting in coordination by BMD Laboratory

Annual Program of Proficiency Test

A proficiency test program held every year for the entire commodity and parameters.  as  a recognized proficiency test provider has been tested a lot of mentor and helps many laboratories in implementing a standardized SNI ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17043 SNI: 2010, BMD Laboratory who has been fully supported by expert consultants are experienced as both practitioner and laboratory standardization lab Developer.

For more details information on each program you can contact us or you can check out the Proficiency Test Schedule here... and to review company profil download here...

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