What Proficiency Testing Scheme..??

In a proficiency testing program in the know a term called the scheme. Do you know what it is in the scheme of proficiency testing program .. ?? In a laboratory in the world are familiar with several types of proficiency testing, which is based on the type of testing that is done type of test that is commonly called the Scheme.

There are various types of proficiency testing schemes are known based on the standards mentioned in ISO Guide 43-1, As for the scheme which is often used, namely:

Measurement Comparison

Type of measurement scheme comparisons like this usually is a scheme that uses a measuring instrument / test laboratories distributed from one participant to another participant laboratories . For such a scheme does not require a large number of participants because it uses a system of " assign value" issued by " reference laboratory " . Then who the reference laboratory .. ? is usually a national metrology institutes . While the " assign value" is the value in the set on a particular quantity and accepted ( either by consensus ) with the uncertainty calculation techniques that have been set. Where such schemes are usually used in the calibration laboratory proficiency testing .

Interlaboratory Testing

Type of scheme like this is to use a sub-sample that has been standardized (homegenitas and stabiilitynya) of the test materials will be distributed simultaneously to all participants in the proficiency testing done testing together anyway. The results of these tests by the participants to be sent back to the organizer than indigo "assigned value" where with techniques like this will get the results portrayed in the performance of both individual and overall laboratory. This type of scheme is generally used by the provider in performing the testing laboratory proficiency testing.

Split Sample

Generally, this scheme involves a small group of laboratories that will be evaluated as a potential supplier of testing services. In commercial transactions, the scheme is carried out by dividing the sample to the laboratory representing suppliers and laboratories representing the buyer. Besides the two samples are divided, there is usually stored additional samples to be tested at a third party laboratory if there is a significant difference between the results of the laboratory test laboratory suppliers and buyers. This scheme is different from the "interlaboratory testing" because the scheme involves only a very limited laboratory.

Schema Qualitative

Associated with the performance of the laboratory is essentially not only the quantitative methods should always (compare the test results), but also qualitative methods can be used for example to assess the performance of a laboratory to identify certain types of entities, for example: the type of material defects in a product, the type of pathogenic microorganisms, types of disease, a variety of bacteria and so forth. This technique is easy, because it does not require a lot of labs that will participate in proficiency testing participants.

Schema Known Value

again this is the type of proficiency testing schemes that do not require a lot of proficiency testing participants. Where the test sample with a measured test parameters have known values.

Schema Partial Process

This type of scheme is to assess the performance of a laboratory testing only on the portion of the overall process of testing / measurement. As an example of this scheme ask the laboratory to perform the testing data transformation into a test report with other meanings asked the sample preparation laboratory in accordance with certain criteria.

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