Purpose & Objectives

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The Aim and  Purpose of Proficiency Test

Reference and requirements in the  proficiency test program in detail both technical and management has been set in the other standard  SNI ISO/IEC 17043: 2010, which according to the standard the purpose of Proficiency Test program:

  1. To evaluate the lab performance in doing test or measurement based on the observation of the performance of the lab
  2. In order to be able to identify the existing problems in a lab as well as the steps to improve the quality of the testing or  procedures related to the measurement  or  the effectiveness of training and equipment provider or  inadequate calibration.
  3. As the basis for the effectiveness and the constant (comparability) test and measurement methods in a laboratory
  4. To Increase customer trust in the laboratory.
  5. With the result of  test data as a reference and illegibilty  for the identification of differences between procedure and measurement in the  laboratories.
  6. Provide the knowledge as well as education of the participating laboratories based on test results of appeals.
  7. Provides validation of claims uncertainty in measurement
  8. Able to provide an evaluation of the performance characteristics of a method (often expressed as a collaborative trial.
  9. Provide and set the value of the reference material and worthiness evaluation for procedure use in a specific test or procedure in a specific measurement.
  10. Support for the statement of the equivalence of the National Metrology Institutes of measurement through the “main” trials (key comparisons) and “additional” trials (supplementary comparisons) which was held on behalf of the International Bereau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) and regional metrology organizations.

While in the standard SNI ISO/IEC 17043:2010 were  mentioned the benefits gained in doing proficiency test for a lab:

  1. With data comparative  test result  in the laboratory is able to detect any testing  deviation (such as: methods, tools and execution of testing), as well as to find the cause of the problem is happening and how to correct the improvements that must be made
  2. Proficiency Test Program is one of the test results quality assurance in the laboratory
  3. To meet the requirements of the National Accreditation Commitee : to a laboratory that has been accredited the laboratories as well as for & will submit accreditation
  4. Provide advice and input to the National Accreditation Committee(KAN): in monitoring, capabilities performance monitor laboratory technical competence to serve as one of  consideration in providing accreditation to a laboratory

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