Schedule Proficiency Test for Environment

For Schedule Proficiency Test for Environment 2020, we us available comodity sample and parameters as follows:

Waste Water (Air Limbah)

  1. Air Limbah I (Waste Water): Timbal (Pb), Tembaga (Cu), Besi (Fe), Daya Hantar Listrik (DHL), pH
  2. Air Limbah II (Waste Water): Arsen, Mercuri, Timbal
  3. Air Limbah III (Waste Water): Komium, Tembaga, Mangan

Gas Emissions (Gas Emisi)

  1. Gas Emisi I: Karbon dioksida
  2. Gas Emisi II: NO2
  3. Gas Emisi III: SO2
  4. Gas Emisi IV: H2S

Ground (Tanah)

  1. Tanah I: Tributiltin (TBT), Volatil Organic Compounds, Fenol
  2. Tanah II: Tembaga, Seng (Zn), Besi (Fe)

Surface Water (Air Permukaan)

  1. Air Permukaan: Silika, TSS, pH

Microbes in the Water (Mikroba Dalam Air)

  1. Mikroba Dalam Air: Total Coliform, E coli, Angka Lempeng Total
ComodityParametersType CalculationAvailable PriceClose RegDistribution & Analisa n Report Lab Peserta
Air Limbah I (Waste Water)Timbal (Pb), Tembaga (Cu ), Besi (Fe), DHL, pHZ Score (Reference Value)50 PcsPlease Conform3 Februari 202017 Februari 2020 & 2 Maret 2020
Air Limbah II (Waste Water)Arsen, Merkuri, TimbalZ Score (References Value)50 PcsPlease Conform24 Februari 20209 Maret 2020 & 23 Maret 2020
Air Limbah III (Waste Water)Kromium, Tembaga, ManganZ Score (Reference Value)50 PcsPlease Conform16 Maret 202030 Maret 2020 & 13 April 2020
Gas Emisi IKarbon DioksidaZ Score (Reference Value)50 PcsPlease Conform6 April 202020 April 2020 & 4 Mei 2020
Gas Emisi IINO2Z Score (Reference Value)50 PcsPlease Conform27 April 202011 Mei 2020 & 8 Juni 2020
Gas Emisi IIISO2Z Score (Reference Value)50 PcsPlease Conform18 Mei 20208 Juni 2020 & 22 Juni 2020
Gas Emisi IVH2SZ Score (References Value)50 PcsPlease Conform15 Juni 202029 Juni 2020 & 13 Juli 2020
Tanah ITributiltin (TBT), Volatil Organic Compounds, FenolZ Score (References Value)50 PcsPlease Conform6 Juli 202020 Juli 2020 & 3 Agustus 2020
Tanah IITembaga, Seng (Zn), Besi (Fe)Z Score (References Value)50 PcsPlease Conform27 Juli 202010 Agustus 2020 & 24 Agustus 2020
Air PermukaanSilika, TSS, pHZ Score (References Value)50 PcsPlease Conform7 September 202021 September 2020 & 5 Oktober 2020
Mikroba Dalam AirTotal Coliform, E Coli, Angka Lempeng TotalZ Score (References Value)50 PcsPlease Conform28 September 202012 Oktober 2020 & 26 Oktober 2020

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