How to Request Proficiency Test

For those of you who want to book with us doing proficiency testing program that fits the needs of your laboratory. You can see the commodity and proficiency testing schemes are that you can order. please visit the link below to see commodities and proficiency testing schemes that exist and you simply adjust to the needs:

  1. Schema Proficiency Test for Food and Baverages Click Here…
  2. Schema Proficiency Test for Environment Click Here…
  3. Schema Proficiency Test for Mining Click Here..
  4. Schema Proficiency Test for Agriculture Click Here…
  5. Schema Proficiency Tes for Laboratory Calibration Click Here..

If you've found as needed immediately make reservations by filling out the Request Form Here (English / IDN), please send it to us via email (details of how to order can be found in the request form) to us to: [email protected] and please wait for the next process from us. Internally we will process you want, and as soon as possible we will contact you shortly.

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